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The Notice Board Saga

The Notice Board Saga “A GOOD INTENTION requires the support of A GOOD ACTION in order to translate into a POSITIVE OUTCOME. This is GOOD FAITH.”  Nor Shazlina Binti Abd Samad AKA Shaz is from Bank Islam Bandar...


7 Common Bank Scams

7 Common Bank Scams In this first-of-its-kind Public Awareness series, NUBE, as its Social Responsibility, will share important consumer information. This is to preserve the paramountcy of our personal data and ensure our banking transac...


Being Humane 

Being Humane  When NUBE is the only HOPE …  The Financial Institutions (FI) are the modern-day slavery sweatshop.  Workers in these FI sweatshops are collared to hound for higher management’s key per...


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